Who's your Favourite Tree Artist?

I have been trudging through some of the ancient woodlands in Sheffield over the last year and have been moved to make a collection of work based on trees. Their wintery, sculptural forms are a beautiful and mysterious presence. This has started me thinking about other tree artists.

So many to chose from. I don’t really have a favourite as I love different things

about many of them. From, the thick impasto of VanGogh’s Almond Blossom,

greatly influenced by Japanese composition, the dense Germanic forests of Altdorfer’s St George Fighting the Dragon, Caspar David Friedrich’s Romanticism in Tree of Ravens, the feathery lightness of a mid 19

th century Corot up to and beyond the Fauves and Expressionists of the 20

th century.

The fascination remains as the environmental context changes and we become more aware of threats to their existence. These artists still remind us of the beauty and necessity of the landscape that surrounds us. I am sure I am influenced and inspired in different ways by all of them....and many more.

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