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Title 'After the Rain'


This is a 'wet cyanotype', a more unpredictable process than the photogram process but well worth the effort for the sometimes unpredictable colours and forms created.


Image size A4

29.7 x 21 cms


Poster print of an original cyanotyp print.

Cyanotype is a camera-less technique that involves many of the traditional chemical practices of photography, without the need for a darkroom. Ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide are combined, and used to coat the paper. Objects are placed directly on the photosensitive paper and exposed to UV light. Where light is blocked, chemicals remain unreacted and wash away with water. For ‘wet cyanotypes’ the paper is left wet and vinegar solution or soap suds can be added. This creates a range of blues. The outcomes are more unpredictable.

After the Rain

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