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Sheffield is the adopted home of contemporary painter and printmaker Alex McArthur and where she has established her  art practice in drawing, painting and printmaking. Skies, trees and water have inspired her for as long as she can remember.  

Key influences in her childhood ensured that the twists and turns of life have kept her on a creative path.

The wide open spaces of Donegal and the drama of the Irish North Coast were her playground and where she made her   first drawings trying to copy the example of an uncle who was a water colourist. 

Her favourite printmaking technique is monotype, for the spontaneity and experimentation it allows and for the surprises in colour form and texture that it engenders.




Alex’s paintings and prints are where memories and imagination merge in wide open spaces and the natural world. Strong contrasts are present in her work; stillness and movement, space and restriction, colour and monochrome, form and abstraction. 


Alex has exhibited her work at home and abroad and early in 2020 had her first solo show. Some of her prints can be viewed at All Good Stuff, 72 Arundel Street, Sheffield.

I ship internationally but please contact me if you are not in the UK so that I can send you a shipping estimate. 

Also available for private tuition, workshops and happy to discuss commissions.

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